More Flour & Better Flour

As a result of Cascade Organic Flour’s special dry milling process, the moisture content of the flour produced is 11% or lower, which is much less than the moisture content of flour (about 14% to 15% or higher) from mills which use water in their milling process.

Various research studies have shown that flour with a lower moisture content has longer and more consistent storage stability, better retention of nutrients and protein, and little or no deterioration of baking quality. On the other hand, flours with higher moisture content can have mold and fungal growth as well as an increased breakdown of protein and other nutrients.

Moreover, when you use flour from Cascade Organic Flour, you get 3% or more volume of flour for the same cost or price than flour from mills that use water in their process. For example, for every 100,000 lbs. of flour, you get 3,000 lbs. or more flour (from Cascade Organic Flour).