Our Organic Flour

We have a modern organic flour mill (Cascade Organic Flour) near our farm(s) in central Washington State. Cascade Milling/Cascade Organic Flour’s special milling system utilizes the entire organic whole grain wheat (grown at our organic farms) to produce healthy and natural organic flour(s). In particular, our highly efficient one-pass mill naturally processes the bran, germ, and other beneficial elements of our organic whole wheat in one-step into a very nutritious organic whole wheat flour.

The resulting organic whole wheat flour from Cascade Organic Flour’s mill contains more macronutrients, protein and vitamins than refined fortified white flour offered by traditional mills, which remove much of the protein and nutrients in the grain.

Furthermore, our organic flour is made up of much smaller particles and has similar functional, convenient and easy-baking qualities as white refined flour, while still retaining all of the natural beneficial nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, bran, and germ of the whole grain.